About Lancer F1

Yet another random fan that wants to blog about Formula 1. I don’t have any insider information or even tickets to a race this season and the closest I’ve come to an F1 car is driving around the Nordschleife several days after the European GP in 2005. So, WTF am i doing here? Well, I stay up all hours of the night to watch races on the other side of the world live. I have half a brain and some strong opinions that not to many people want to hear about. There are 10 Billion sites out there that give you daily F1 news and plenty of guys that are a lot smarter than I am who can talk technical stuff and I don’t have enough time to even attempt to keep up with them, so what you will see from me is a weekly round-up of the most important F1 news, post race comments, and other updates when something serious happens.

oh yeah…you can find me on twitter @Lancer033.  Just excuse the random tweets about other subjects.


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