This Week in F1 – 8 Apr 11

We awake this morning to the unsurprising news that an RB7 is again fastest in Friday Practice, this time it’s Webber’s car, and the MP4-26 is right on its tail.  Ferrari isn’t yet fast enough to win according to Alonzo (not that I’ll lose any sleep over that).  Force India is way off the pace down in 17th and under the 107% rule, 1 car from each of the 3 new teams would have failed to qualify based on their practice times. Not that any of that matters, we’re in Malaysia this weekend and the rain changes everything.

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Tires are still the talk of the town heading into the heat of Malaysia this weekend.  “We were absolutely thrilled by our Grand Prix début in Australia, but we’re aware that Malaysia should be a very different proposition, with higher temperatures and increased degradation.” Most teams are expecting a 3 to 4 stop race if it stays dry, but factor in the high humidity in Malaysia and were almost certain to see Perelli’s wet tires make their début along with another showing of the Hard and Soft compound slicks.  If you need a reminder, Silver, White, Yellow, Red from hard to super-soft and blue and orange or intermediate and wet tires.  Additionally, Pirelli are adding a yellow stripe to the sidewall of their soft tires this weekend as an interim step to increase the color on tires to help us distinguish between the different compounds.


19 yr old Nicolas Hamilton made his début start this in the Clio cup last weekend at Brands Hatch and scored a 12th place finish with his father and older (and slightly more famous) brother proudly watching on.



One of the things I learned early in my professional career was that anytime the boss reassured you that “funding was available and your jobs were secure” that it was time to start getting your résumé updated and get ready for layoffs. I’ve watched it happen several times over the last few years and have come to understand that when everything is going well, you don’t have to say anything. In that light, all the talk about Hamilton and Red Bull seems rather suspicious.  For the last month, at least 1 or 2 stories surface every week with Red Bull commenting on how good of a driver Hamilton is which is inevitably followed by a denial that any talks are happening. This all comes on the back of Lewis’ new management team. I’m not saying that they have already have a deal, but there is no doubt in my mind that Red Bull are going to make a move for him for next year and Hamilton has to at least think about it. That said, a partnership between Vettle, Hamilton and Newey would be explosive, no matter whose name in on the side of the car. That would probably lead to the most excitement in F1 since the Senna and Prost rivalry


Stay tuned to Twitter for updates throughout the weekend and a followup/post GP post on Monday


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