This week in F1 – 1 Apr 11

Rivalries, movie stars, bending rules (and wings), and another NASCAR shocker…..just another week in the Formula 1 world.

Red Bull was concerned about the reliability of their KERS for round 1, but it doesn’t look like they’ll have the luxury of not using it next time around.

“It is not that we take it off and then are lighter than the rest – that was in 2009, when you could take it off and play around with the weight. I was wondering why nothing was happening (laughs) but let’s be serious again – we have to get it working for Malaysia.” – Vettle on Red Bull’s KERS

“If we can get on the first two rows again we can compete with our KERS. I don’t think they are going to be able to go too long without KERS.” – Lewis Hamilton

Adding to McLaren’s hopes an update replacing the titanium diffuser with a  lighter carbon fiber unit with Pyrosic heat shielding is on the way for round 2.  Of course, Red Bull just claims that they only way that goat as far as they did so quickly was by coping their design, but hey, you’ve got to go with what works.

“McLaren made a huge leap forward… by copying our exhaust, it has to be said…But the bottom line is they still made huge leaps forward. I am sure they will be pushing us hard…We think it works for us. It seems it also works for McLaren…It’s a form of flattery but it’s a bit of a pain if they then beat you with it.” Adrian Newey

At least they know that the Woking boys are coming for them
“McLaren’s 2008 world champion will appear as a race car in the follow-up to the original Cars film, which was a critically-acclaimed box office hit upon release in 2006.”

I admit, I’m looking forward to seeing this. Granted, it’s not exactly the Senna movie and the main guy is a NASCAR car, but the 1st movie was a chance to turn your brain off and be a kid again

BBC Sport
Apparently, HRT isn’t getting any respect at home either…..

“Just because I ride a bike with my friends on a Sunday doesn’t mean I think I can ride in the next Tour on [Alberto] Contador’s wheel…I would be ridiculed for not understanding the magnitude of the challenge.” Raul Romojaro, AS correspondent

I’m not going to cut HRT (or any other team) any breaks. F1 is the toughest series in the world and should stay that way. If anyone could do it, I would be out there driving instead of watching on TV, but that’s life. That said, I’ve got a lot of respect for HRT going out and giving it their best to hopefully just qualify and start a race. I personally hope they can hold on until they get enough funding for a legitimate effort.  Keep in mind that it wasn’t to many years ago that Red Bull was just another 2nd tier team and Force India was running around at the back of the pack all season in their Spyker days.

The good news is that they have new front wing on order and should make the grid for the next race.
Sauber dropped their appeal of their disqualification and issued the following statement….

After examining all the facts, the Sauber F1 Team has decided not to appeal against the verdict of the stewards following the Australian Grand Prix last Sunday. The two drivers Sergio Perez and Kamui Kobayashi had crossed the finish line in Melbourne in seventh and eighth places respectively, but were subsequently excluded from the results. The post-race scrutineering check by the race stewards revealed that a radius on the upper rear wing element on Perez’s and Kobayashi’s cars contravened the regulations by a few millimetres.

“It did not bring us any performance advantage, but the fact is that it was a deviation from the regulations. We take note of the stewards’ decision,” said James Key, the team’s Technical Director.

In the meantime, the Sauber F1 Team has carried out a comprehensive internal investigation. “We have since found that there was an error in the checking process for the relevant dimension on this component. We have already put measures in place to ensure that nothing of this kind occurs again in the future,” added Key.

The decision came as a particular blow to the two drivers Sergio Perez and Kamui Kobayashi. Team Principal Peter Sauber commented: “Both Sergio and Kamui put in a tremendous performance on Sunday. They gained no advantage from the inaccurate rear wing. They both fought hard to secure their finishing places and had really earned their points. Notwithstanding the disappointment, we have shown that we have a fast car and two highly talented drivers. It makes me optimistic for this season.”

Not really much else to say about it. Sauber goofed and got caught. That doesn’t take anything away from Perez or Kobayashi’s performance. Let’s move on.
F1 Fanatic
Scarb’s F1

In a real-life, racing version of Welcome to Mooseport, 2007 World Champion Kimi Räikkönen is headed to the US to drive in Circles.

GP Update

It doesn’t seem like flexible wings are going away anytime soon either. The rumor mill I have heard suggested that the entire nose cone of the RB7 is flexible to get around the FIA’s test and keep it “legal.”  There have also been suggestions that the center portion of the front wing had a I’ll be curious to see if this is true or now. Very cool technology if it is.

“I don’t know if you’ve seen their front wing but it’s like trailing on the ground. That is massive downforce. Ours is much higher off the ground. That alone is like 20 points of downforce, like half a second, so as soon as we close that loophole or find out how to do that we will close that performance gap.” – Lewis Hamilton on the RB7


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