Australian GP 2011

Well folks, the 2011 season is up and running. In many ways, nothing has changed, Red Bull is still fast, Lewis is still driving a McLaren, and Alonzo was still stuck behind Petrov. Let’s just get this out of the way…Red Bull was the car to beat this weekend and it looks like they can just cruise around and toy with the other teams for now. I don’t know what’s going on with the RB7 and I doubt Horner or Newey or anyone else are going to be giving up any secrets anytime soon. But I’m still betting ($20…not exactly a high roller) that McLaren’s development pace will out do Red Bull and they’ll be on top at the end of the year. With that said, what else is there to talk about…..

#1 Tires
Since the 1st Pirelli test where we found out that the new tires weren’t going to last as long as the Bridgestones, I’ve been saying “suck it up, everyone’s in the same boat so figure out how to deal with it” However, after seeing it in action, I think I need to amend that opinion. While I like seeing more pit stops this year and approve of the tires degrading fast, I don’t like the way they are degrading. The sudden drop off is the problem. There’s almost no strategy left with pit stops. Drive until the grip is gone, and then pit….No options. If you want to improve the sport, let the tires drop off slowly so the teams are tempted to stay out longer on old tires and try to pit less.

I’m a little torn on this. I like the idea of exploring alternative power sources, but I don’t see much advantage to the sport here. From a fan’s perspective, all I see is a button that’s gives you extra power for 6-seconds a lap and as soon as they cross the start/finish line, it’s magically recharged. In my head, I know that the power comes from the heat of the brakes, but I don’t see that. What I’d rather see is a limit of 2/3 seconds of storage capacity in the battery that could be used anytime you managed to charge the batteries. On TV, you could see the battery level going up when they hit the brakes and then going back down as the drivers pressed the button.

#3 DRS/movable wings
Okay, this confuses me. Ban f-ducts, then introduce a system that does exactly the same thing except it’s 10x more complex. I’m sorry, but this just needs to go away or they need to drop all the rules about when they can use it. Either say “sure, move the wings whenever you want” or just stick with fixed aero or best yet, let the f-duct come back and allow electronic controls for it to make it safer. The main thing I don’t like is the idea that 1 car has an artificial advantage over another car, then you have a pass that wasn’t really earned. Sorry, but if i want to watch NASCRAP, i can watch NASCRAP, in F1 you have to earn each and every pass. I’d much rather watch a driver fight for 10 laps to set up a perfect strategic situation to give himself an opening to make a well-earned pass than have F1 turn into another circus act on wheels.

#4 HRT & the 107% rule
The FIA got this one right. Sorry, but if you can’t compete at that level, stick to GP2 or F2 or any number or open wheel feed series. As for HRT, I wish them the best, but F1 is the best drivers in the world and you have to earn your place on the starting grid.

#5 Jimmy Johnson is a douche bag.

Turn left, go straight, turn left, go straight, turn left, go straight…..and you’re driving a spec car. Even if you make some good points, suggesting that NASCAR is better racing the F1 is like suggesting that the WWF (WWE/WCW or whatever it is now) is better wrestling that the Olympic Games. Sorry dude, but you’re not even in the same league.


~ by lancer033 on March 28, 2011.

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